Sustainable Composites

Sustainable Composites

Composites are well-known materials, applied extensively in a range of industrial markets thanks to their competitiveness, mainly in terms of performance/weight ratios. However, new environmental policies and recent commitments to zero waste, make it necessary for composites to evolve towards more environmentally friendly versions.

Relevant sectors such as aeronautics, wind energy and the automotive industry are the main investors looking for alternative technical solutions that would allow them to continue to benefit from the use of composites.

Why sustainable composites?

The new generation of advanced thermoset polymers and composites based on dynamic covalent chemistries is one of the most attractive technical alternatives.

The introduction of dynamic covalent chemistry enables a series of "smart" properties, creating a new generation of thermoset polymers and composites that contribute to:

High performance

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What do we offer?

CIDETEC Surface Engineering has been working on advanced thermoset polymers and composites based on dynamic chemistry (the so-called 3R technology) since 2014. We have developed tailor-made solutions through joint development projects with companies from a range of sectors, mainly the automotive, wind power, railway and aeronautic industries.

3R composites are a more competitive, sustainable solution in those sectors and applications where epoxy matrix composite materials are used.

We offer:
  • Tailor-made 3R epoxy resin formulations for specific applications and manufacturing processes.
  • Reprocessing of cured 3R epoxy composites into complex shapes.
  • Fast, cost-effective repairing of delamination damage of 3R composites.
  • Debondable on-command 3R adhesives.
  • Chemical and mechanical recycling paths.

Who is it for?

For the whole polymer industry value chain: raw material suppliers, part and component manufacturers, end-users/OEMs.

End users:






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Our capabilities and infrastructure

We have an interdisciplinary team with strong skills and extensive experience in different industrial sectors, capable of carrying out cutting-edge research.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering also has fully equipped laboratories for synthesising, processing and characterising the physical and thermo-mechanical properties of polymers and composite materials, including:

R&D laboratories for design

For the design and synthesis of fibre-reinforced composites, including pre-preg machines for epoxy systems, among other equipment.

R&D laboratories for testing and characterisation

For testing and characterisation of materials: structure, composition, thermal properties, processability, fibre volume content and mechanical properties (tensile, compression, flexural, impact, etc.), among others.

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