Design and Scaling of Industrial Processes

At CIDETEC Surface Engineering we have extensive experience in the scaling and optimisation of surface treatment processes. Our facilities allow us to validate developments at the design and prototyping level, anticipating any type of

problem that may occur in the subsequent industrial implementation. In addition, we incorporate digitalisation and connectivity systems to surface manufacturing processes, turning them into intelligent manufacturing processes.

Why carry out a pre-industrial scaling phase?

Pre-industrial scaling of surface treatment processes considerably reduces costs by optimising processes to the maximum and adapting them to an application, and their mass production during industrial implementation.

Process optimisation

Cost reduction

What do we offer?


Design and development of specific treatments and coatings depending on the application environment, simulating industrial conditions.


Scaling and optimisation of surface treatment processes aimed at their subsequent industrialisation, taking into account the production lines specified by the client and their end-use environment.


Digital transformation of manufacturing processes:

  • Modelling and simulation of electrochemical processes.
  • Automation, control and monitoring of surface treatment processes.

Who is it for?

For process engineering companies and the entire manufacturing value chain: finishing industry, component manufacturers, end users in any sector.

Capabilities and Infrastructure

Pilot plants for the application of immersion surface treatments

We have a variety of pilot plants ranging from 50 to 500 litres, fully equipped and automated to simulate any industrial surface treatment process. The plants are also connected to an effluent treatment system, guaranteeing zero discharge at all times.

  • Metal electroplating line.
  • Electropolishing and chemical treatment line.
  • Anodising and anaphoresis line.
  • Plastic metallising line.
  • Automatic multidisciplinary line.
  • Line for thin-film deposition by dip-coating.
Additional installations:
  • Automated plants for the application of selective metallic coatings using Brush-Plating technology and spray-gun metallising.
  • Fully robotised painting installation with the capacity to accurately apply any type of organic coating.
  • Industrial equipment that enables us to guarantee adequate cleaning and preparation of surfaces under real processing conditions, adapting the results to the most demanding finishing conditions.
  • Laser equipment: UV, IR, CO2, GREEN.
  • Vibrating with abrasive.
  • Shot and sand blasting.
  • Mechanical polishing.
  • Chemical treatments.

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