Surface Preparation

More than 90% of the quality problems encountered with coatings applied to parts and components are due to incorrect or incomplete surface preparation. If this is the case, even the most technologically advanced coatings will fail sooner or later, which can result in aesthetic faults, loss of functionality or even more serious problems such as failure to protect a critical area.

In this context, manufacturers of parts and components are faced with issues that go beyond their own manufacturing processes, for example:

  • Knowing which is the most suitable surface preparation process to guarantee the dirt is removed, allowing the perfect adhesion of the subsequent coating.
  • Knowing how to optimise the performance of the subsequent coating.
  • Defining the most suitable products and their conditions of use.
  • Defining the processes that guarantee constant quality in the production process.

Why prepare surfaces before applying a coating?

Surface preparation offers two major benefits:


Design and optimisation of formulations.


Design and optimisation of surface preparation processes.


Starting up the processes: in-company implementation.


Design of production facilities and coordination with engineering companies and/or manufacturers.

Who is it for?

Suppliers and manufacturers of chemical products

Companies specialised in coatings treatments and applications

Parts and components manufacturers

Our capabilities

Our capabilities

CIDETEC has unique equipment for the application of different preparation processes, regardless of the base material, achieving the desired finish:

  • Chemical processes: Aqueous degreasing, organic solvents, pickling and acid solutions.
  • Electrochemical processes: Electrolytic degreasing, electropolishing and electrochemical marking.
  • Mechanical processes: Sand blasting, shot blasting, vibrating, polishing and brushing.
  • Physical processes: Laser cleaning and marking, plasma cleaning and activation.
Pilot plants

CIDETEC has pilot plants that allow us to simulate and scale up industrial surface preparation processes and, therefore, adapt the results to the most demanding finishing conditions.

  • Multidisciplinary pilot plants for chemical and electrolytic cleaning.
  • Industrial equipment for mechanical cleaning: sand blasting, shot blasting, vibrating, polishing and brushing.
  • Plasma and laser equipment.

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